Aug 23 2008

Obama Burgers and 1/2 Price Wine Tuesdays at Juicy Wine Company

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Juicy Wine Company, my all-time favorite wine bar in Chicago (and everywhere else), is running a don’t-miss special on Tuesday nights: $10 Obama Burgers and 1/2 price American wine (by the bottle or the glass!). What is an Obama Burger? Glad you asked. Here is what Rodney Alex, owner of Juicy Wine Company, had to say in his recent press release:

“But, just like giving your ailing dog a pill tucked inside a scrumptious treat, we’re gonna wrap our unabashedly liberal patriotism in something a thousand times more delicious than a Snausage: The ObamaBurger. But this isn’t just any cheeseburger. Why? Well, other than being named after the next President of The United States, it’s got bacon on it. (Proving Barack Obama is not Muslim. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) And we’re not talkin’ about just any bacon, here. We’re talkin’ about what may be the best gourmet bacon in the country: Benton’s Smoked Country Bacon…

The audacity of pork

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams has been producing award-winning country hams, domestic prosciutto and bacon in the hills of Madisonville, Tennessee since 1973. In 2007 the Southern Foodways Alliance bestowed Allan Benton with it’s highest honor, The Jack Daniel’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Allan’s meats are served in some of the finest restaurants in the country because of their distinctive, full, mouthwatering flavor.

It’s the ingredients, stupid

But you can’t make a truly awesome burger with just beef, bacon and buns. That’s why we’re piling Benton’s hickory-smoked country bacon on top of a char-grilled mound of juicy, Kobe beef (reflecting Obama‘s Pan-Asian upbringing), topping it with gooey Wisconsin Cheddar, spicy, Michelle-fist-pumped caramelized onions and a dollop of our very own Secret South Side Sauce. We then cram all that goodness between two slices of marble rye (celebrating Barack’s multiracial background) and feed it to our panini press, transforming it into the ultimate patty-melting-pot that is America. Add a heaping side of Harvard Yard Baked Beans (commemorating Barack’s days as the first Black president of The Harvard Law Review) and that, my fellow Americans, is The ObamaBurger.”

After reading this, mom and I naturally had to pay a visit and sample these burgers for ourselves. Yes, they are all that. Really. The burgers are cooked on Juicy’s outdoor grill before they get dressed and pressed, which gives them a wicked beef crust. Yes, Benton’s bacon really is the best, and nestled between two slices of Red Hen Bread‘s marble rye, there is nothing not to love. (The baked beans were likewise delicious, not too sweet and chock full of that lovely bacon.)

But don’t forget the wine, either. Juicy is known for scoring only the tastiest boutique wines, and at 1/2 price, Tuesdays are your chance to try something super special. (We enjoyed a faboo Pinot Noir, and Juicy’s knowledgeable waitstaff stand ready to make suggestions.)

Tips: The Obama Burgers are for dine-in only (no takeouts allowed). For an extra special treat, ask to sit out on their new deck. Also, be sure to get there early before they run out of burgers!

Juicy Wine Co
694 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL 60622

(312) 492-6620

Mon – Thurs: 4 pm – 1 am
Fri: 4 pm – 2 am
Sat: 11 am – 2 am
Sun: 11 am – 3 pm

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  1. jsweeneyon 23 Aug 2008 at 6:48 am

    With the political climate hotting up this is a very fun recipe. Really enjoy all your articles.

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