Sep 23 2008

Something Fishy in Nutrition Reporting

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Ever wonder why people seem so confused about diet and nutrition “facts”?

Ever consider that part of the problem is the “journalists” who report these “facts”?

For example,  dbTechno and other sites report that a study published in Lancet Oncology, indicates that a vegan diet (along with exercise and relaxation) is important in slowing the effects of aging.

Fair enough.

But then the article explains that the study participants had to take supplements, such as “fish oil”, as part of the study.

Um, what part of “vegan” don’t you folks understand?

Vegans, for those who don’t know, do not consume any animal (and yes, fish are animals) flesh, nor do they consume animal products such as dairy, honey, eggs, or, for that matter, fish oil.

I haven’t read the study itself, so I can’t tell you if, in fact, fish oil was a prescribed supplement in the study.

What I can tell you is that declaring the success of a “vegan” diet study that includes fish oil is sloppy reporting. With this sort of “journalism” it is no wonder that people are so perplexed that they give up on even trying to eat healthily.

Happy Monday!

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