Jan 03 2010

Handpresso Wild DomePod

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Looking somewhat like a bicycle pump, the Handpresso Wild Domepod makes a shot of espresso straight into your cup whether you’re travelling or camping. At first this sounds like a great convenient idea,


but how good will th coffee be and at what cost?


To operate, first you need to manually pump the gadget until it reaches the green zone in its pressure gauge. You then fill the small water tank with boiling water and put ground coffee into the even smaller filter,

handpresso in action

which can be messy. Screw on the lid, turn the machine over and press the release button, and pressurised air drives the water through the coffee and into your cup.


The idea behind this on the go gadget is great, but unfortunately it fails to deliver good quality coffee. The espresso is very weak, with little crème and large air bubbles released towards the end of the operation. 3836622607_6e16f5635bThe water in the tank doesn’t maintain the desirable 87°C-93°C long enough. As a result, the temperature of the coffee in the cup is lower than ideal, resulting in under extracted coffee. Additionally you will need access to boiling water when travelling or camping
Our verdict on the Handpresso
Given the Handpresso’s high price tag along with a lack of coffee quality, we really couldn’t recommend it unless you just really want the latest toy.Hanpresso Demo
Price $199
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