Jun 09 2010

Is good service really needed?

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I have just spoken with a friend who has been the recipient of what I would call poor service. Here’s the scenario: you pass by a lovely restaurant located in a well known wine district. The restaurant is French, which is good, but here’s the rub. Upon arrival you cannot enter the restaurant, oh no you must first peruse the menu outside and the waitress will then ask for your order. This all seems a bit unusual but let’s see where this is going. Now the waitress informs you that you are to wait outside until she checks with the chef?
Ok still weird and now as you wait your mind drifts to “the soup Nazi” (Jerry Seinfeld) just then back comes the waitress and you enter to be seated.
Well how’s the food? It’s amazing, but does this excuse the service or lack of it?

I am interested in others opinions and I will be visiting this restaurant in the coming months.

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