Jan 07 2011

Snowline Hotel – Harrietville Victoria

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Snowline Hotel

Just a short 45 minute trip up the road and you find yourself in the lovely area of Harrietville, and within a couple of minutes on the right of the road you come across the ‘Snowline Hotel’. It’s a very classic style country pub that has a great deal of character, I would suggest planning to arrive before 5:00 PM so you can settle on the tables outside for a few pre-dinner drinks.

The pub has a great range of food at reasonable prices, we tried the legendary ‘Chicken Parma’, and Lamb cutlets with Greek salad, Japanese style chicken and of course one of the very generous 300 gram steaks (more like 400 – 450 gram)
The service was great very friendly and prompt, we ran a tab at the bar without an issue and the meals arrived within 15 minutes.

The restaurant area was clean and would seat 100 plus, we had no issue getting a table for 8. The drinks are at prices you would expect but I must say drinks and a meals for would set you back around $80.00 (AU), which is quite reasonable.

If you are in the area wether regardless of the season you would be doing yourself a big favour dropping I for either lunch or dinner, and perhaps tying what I considered the best ‘Chicken Parma’ I personally have enjoyed in a long while.

Service 8 out of 10
Food quality 9 out of 10
Price 7 out of 10

Overall you do pay a little extra up here but if you do get the oppertunity it will be well worth your time.

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