Jan 12 2013

Cruising the South Pacific with Royal Carrabean

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So you have holidayed many places and the food was well less acceptable and expensive, but you still payed. How about a holiday where all the food is included, and the drinks are free or very reasonable. A cruise is the first thing you should think about, we decided on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines.
It all starts the minute you board, a drink, some food and you are treated like royalty. The ship is large and looks more like a five star hotel than a ship, you look to explore the area and find yourself in awe of the size of the place.
Then it’s dinner time and the choices are plenty with a new menus every night.


Every morning there’s a choice of four different restaurants for breakfast, and hat a choice.

More to come…..

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  2. Justin Sweeneyon 14 Apr 2013 at 3:30 pm

    I agree, not too sure about you plugging your amazon deals but appreciate you taking the time to read our posts

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