Sep 27 2018

Bali Cooking School with Chef Bagus

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We decided to go undercover and book with Chef Bagus Balinese cooking school in Kuta. Chef Bagus has 30 plus years in the industry working for many of the high end hotels across Indonesia and in particular Bali. He left for a brief time after the 2002 bombings that almost destroyed the islands tourism business. But for the grace of many they came back and to Chef Bagus.

Chef Bagus 2

Munchbrother with Chef Bagus Successfully Completed Course

We were picked up my Mamma Chef Bagus’s business partner and shuttled to the new restaurant in Kuta. On the way we stopped into a traditional market to look at some the local ingredients that I would love to have access to back in Australia. The markets are much like those we have visited in Vietnam and Malaysia, busy hot but always friendly with the best prices.

Mi Goring ready to start

Upon arrival we had an inspiring and education talk from Chef Bagus as he explained the differences between the Balinese traditional menus and what many perceive to be.

Then we got into the cooking:

We first started where many Asian meals do with the preparation of the spices and aromatics, by using a flat mortar and pestle to grind the numerous ingredients into a paste.

Chef Bagus 4

Next we started to prepare our very fresh whole chickens to steam in banana leaves, I created a salt & pepper rub added some Spinach leaves with some curry paste under the skin and inside the chicken. Then painted the top with some of the paste.

Next we heated some banana leaves over the fire and fashioned them around the whole chicken. A couple of skewers and where done.

Next dish was a slow cooked pork, we fired up the burners and started with some oil, added shallots, garlic galangal and many more. Added the pork and cooked util the colour changes. The top up with chicken stock just to cover the meat. This is where I learnt a new trick, just add enough stock to cover and cook in a heavy based pot with lid off. Keep topping the stock as needed.

We next created a chicken dish with finely chopped chicken, to which we added the spice paste garlic turmeric and all the others including this time some bruised lemongrass.

We then took a tablespoon of the mix and added it to a square of banana leaf. The proceeded to make a purse or pouch. Chef Bagus described it a s a Lois Vuitton, I think you et the idea. They are destined for the steamer.

Chef Bagus 2

We all had the opportunity to assist and do some of the preparation and cooking, regardless of our skills Chef Bagus and his team always made us feel like we could do anything. I would recommend if you are in Bali or thinking about a trip look into booking on the Cookly website (we do not receive any royalties nor do we provide any guarantee for links). We did enjoy the process of booking as well as the class, give yourself a good 5 hours.



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