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Feb 09 2010

Valentines Day Breakfast of Love 2010

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A Little Love Brr. I. Am. So. Chilled! I just got back from running errands, and while I may have been inside most of the time, that wind chills you right to the bone the second you step into it! That, and, one errand involved Price Chopper…and it is always freezing in there. Makes sense, […]

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Feb 18 2009

how can i make13 months old eat all by himself? any food recipes?

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we are vegetarians. Can anybody give me recipes for his breakfast, lunch and dinner. 13 month olds still need help with food. You can offer fingerfoods like Cherrios or pasta, small pieces of cooked vegetables, cheese, beans etc, but he will only manage to get a small amount of food into his mouth. An older […]

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Feb 15 2009

looking for sites that have good baby food recipes?

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need some good meals to feed my 1yr old sick of feeding him jars as he seems to want more than that have already gave him meals that i cook in slow cooker and he enjoys that more looking for deserts and breakfast foods please try my daughter is 8 mnths old, and wont […]

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Feb 12 2009

Why is food labeled breakfast, lunch and dinner? Is there certain types of food your supposed to eat? Recipes?

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For example, what is a good healthy meal for breakfast? Lunch I ususally eat something like a milkshake, or a sandwich of some sort. Thanks so much for the help! Dinner my mom cooks ususally, but is there any good healthy recipes? Thanks! I will try it all! Thanks! I will try it all! Thanks! […]

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Feb 09 2009

What are some healthy breakfast recipes?

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I LOVE breakfast, but a lot of the food I like is high calorie and high fat. What are some healthy recipes or healthy food ideas that wont break the calorie bank? Here are 2 but search food network or they have great recipes that I use all the time. powered by […]

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Feb 06 2009

easy breakfast recipes for kids-teens?

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ok, im 13 years old and im getting tired of the same thing every morning for breakfast. i need recipes for yummy breakfast food that i can make by myself…..thank you!!! 😀 Spanish Potato Omelet * 1/2 cup olive oil * 1/2 pound potatoes, thinly sliced * salt and pepper to taste * 1 large […]

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Jan 31 2009

Can i have some western food breakfast recipes?

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no powered by Yahoo Answers

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Jan 25 2009

Filling, quick breakfast recipes besides the same old thing?

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I'm a college student (well, on summer break, but still). My mornings are usually pretty busy, and I generally don't have time to make a big breakfast (ie: eggs, bacon, pancakes). Besides, I get tired of eating the same breakfast foods every morning. Don't get me wrong…I love eggs and bacon. It's just a pain […]

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Jan 18 2009

Any good breakfast foods recipes ? muffins, scone, waffle type recipes ?

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Please not your regular banana muffin or plain batter waffles- Hoping for something new exciting – could maybe be healthy…. Just looking to expand the morning cuisine with my cup of coffee-

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Jan 11 2009

Do you have any recipes for breakfast food,?

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Without eggs, and no Pancakes or waffles? no oatmeal, either, and i mean whole hearty MAN breakfast. not diet breakfast. Country fried steak, hash browns, with biscuits and country style gravy!!!! I know it is not a recipe, but doesn't it sound good?! powered by Yahoo Answers

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