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Sep 27 2018

Bali Cooking School with Chef Bagus

Next we started to prepare our very fresh whole chickens to steam in banana leaves, I created a salt & pepper rub added some Spinach leaves with some curry paste under the skin and inside the chicken. Then painted the top with some of the paste.

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Jul 05 2014

From Minced Meat to McDonalds — The History of the Hamburger

The Fourth of July is upon us – and even though the day is almost over where I am, the barbecues, fireworks, beach trips, and summer fun is still abuzz because Independence Day is on a Friday this year and people are taking advantage of it by extending it to cover the entire weekend. Not that I mind. Celebrating a holiday or a birthday from Friday to Sunday is a lot more fun than celebrating it during the weekday – especially if you have obligations during the week (work, school, or family).

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Dec 24 2010

Christmas wishes

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Well, It is that time of year when we are full of cheer eat and potentially drink well in excess of the norm. But food is still a high priority for us all and we do so very much enjoy the meals. We at Munchbrothers would like to take this opportunity to both thank all […]

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Jun 21 2010

Tomato and Pesto Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Tomato and Pesto Slow Cooked lamb shanks YUM. Can anyone refuse this week’s cracker of a meal at our place? Well the winters cold is nipping at our ears, snow is falling on the near by hills and Slow-cooked lamb shanks served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes is all I can think of. […]

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Jun 17 2010

Munchbrothers 7 Hour Slow Cooked Lamb

7 Hour Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb Well again it’s winter but really this is a dish that is just as good in spring or summer, slow cooked leg of lamb (7 hours) and I am going to try a new slow cooker (Kambrook 6 litre) About: Diabetic, Egg free, Heart friendly, Low Carb, Low […]

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Feb 24 2009

Are you a sucker for buying gadgets advertised on tv? What have you bought?

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What do you use? What don't you use? Any comments? I guess I could have put this question in the Cooking section too. Oh well! My father-in-law, a well respected doctor, was such a sucker for infomercial gadgets! My mother-in-law never knew what the next package would contain because

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Feb 23 2009

Raw Food Recipes: Healthy Cooking Tips for Quick & Easy Meals : Dehydrated Foods: Raw Food Recipes for Healthy Cooking

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Learn about dehydration as a raw food cooking technique for changing textures, in this free healthy recipes video hosted by Nili Nathan. Duration : 0:1:1

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Feb 21 2009

I am looking for a line of kitchen gadgets, cookware to sell from home?

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I am already familiar with pampered chef, but would like to know what others are out there-any type of kitchen related stuff-NO supplements, vitamins, diet plans, etc. Just cooking stuff, please. Thanks in advance I believe that Tupperware is an excellent product to sell.

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Feb 21 2009

What is the easiest and best tasting comfort food recipe you have ever cooked?

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I am looking for some heart warming dinner recipes for winter and I am just beginning to cook any suggestions? My children say it is my Potato Soup that I make for them when they don't feel well…and they are all grown and still want Momma to make it for them… Now if you are […]

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Feb 18 2009

GT Xpress 101 – Have you used this cooking gadget?

Published by under Cooking Have you used this? What is your opinion on it after having tried it? Yes, it’s now sitting in the cabinet collecting dust after using it a couple of times. If you have one of those old sandwich makers that look similar to this appliance, it would do the same thing that the GTX […]

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