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Nov 01 2008

Eclectic Kitchen™: Fancy Eggs without the Fuss – Baked Eggs Florentine

Don’t you just love a fabulous weekend brunch breakfast? But hate all the muss & fuss of it, don’tcha? Me, too! That’s why I love this breakfast it is so flavorful and fancy looking but definitely not a lot of work.  Pair it with some juice, a cup of fresh columbian coffee and a nice […]

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Sep 26 2008

Eclectic Kitchen™: Easy Gourmet Pizza – No More Delivery

     Well – I imagine it seemed as though I abandoned this blog altogether –but not the case. It’s been hectic around our house, packing, getting ready to move, trying to sell our house, having a moving sale and open houses. Then there was this little storm you might have heard about named Ike, […]

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Sep 06 2008

Eclectic Kitchen™: Gourmet Meal without the Gourmet Fuss

        Love gourmet food but don’t have time to fuss with the gourmet process? I hear ya! I am so tired sometimes I almost, that is almost, feel too tired to eat – let alone prepare a gourmet meal. I certainly don’t think eating fast food or a bowl of cereal is […]

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Sep 03 2008

Eclectic Kitchen™: Eggplant A Cosmopolitan Fruit?

This is a must read – for those looking for a fabulous hors d’oeuvre, a hearty side dish, or a wonderful vegetable main course.  With a little modification, it could be a fully vegan entrée – so look no further. Filling? Yes it is. Meaty? Uh huh. Flavor? Out of this world, delicious! Right now, is the peak season […]

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Sep 03 2008

Best Mac & Cheese Casserole!

Cheesy and Creamy, So, So, So Good…  When my kids were growing up I never seemed to know how many to make dinner for. There were always a couple of extra “hollow-legs-syndromed” teens about. This was my salvation dinner.

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Aug 20 2008

Eclectic Kitchen™: Curried Chicken Salad – You’ll be a Leftover Gourmet & They’ll Never Know

Well, did you add some extra chicken on the grill or have some left over from the roast chicken you made last night? Or are you just tired of the same old chicken and want a change of pace? – not to worry my friend…I have just the answer for you and even your kids […]

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Aug 19 2008

Crock Pot Super Easy Vegan Spaghetti For Bloggers and Others

 So, you’re a blogger. Or you work at home in some other way. Does that mean you have to eat the traditional nerd’s meal of caffeine and whatever munchy food is close by? Hardly. There’s nothing more reassuring on a busy day than knowing that a good dinner is cooking itself while you’re busy with […]

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Aug 19 2008

Delicately Bruised Bananas

Bruised bananas are a bit of a delicacy around here. Ok, well, maybe not a delicacy, but certainly delicate. And sought after, because I am a very frugal mama. I’m not quite sure why I have issue with spending .69 cents per pound (CDN) considering the trouble it takes to get them to cottage country, […]

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Aug 18 2008

Eclectic Kitchen™: Grilling Two Steaks with the effort of One

Raspberry-Pomegranate Vinaigrette I see this as the old adage of killing two birds with one stone…When you’re like me, you’re busy, you have a lot of irons in the fire and a schedule that rivals Madonna’s.  Now, as much as I love to cook and find that cooking and the kitchen are my sanctuary…even I […]

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Aug 17 2008

10+ Real Three Ingredient Recipes

Last week I lamented the fact that many so-called “five minute” recipes. . . aren’t:  They may take five minutes to cook or to prepare, but they almost never are only five minutes from prep to table. So now I’ve been searching for the elusive “three-ingredient-recipe”: Trouble is, while many so-named recipes have three “main” […]

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