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Feb 15 2009

Looking for some good Indian recipes. Can you help?

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I'm looking for some good Indian Recipes, that are fairly simple. Any ideas? Here you go – Do you know that the term "curry" really refers to a style of cooking, much like "stew" does in america? It has nothing to do with "curry powder", which is 99% tumeric? Don't ever let the list of […]

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Feb 12 2009

What are favas called in indian recipes?

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Those yellow beans, usually made in soups. What are they called in Indian recipes? Chana dal? dal? I know in spanish they are called habas… well I need some indian fava recipes. I think you are confusing fava beans and habas with chana dal.

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Feb 06 2009

Does anyone have any good Indian recipes for clams or mussels?

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I love to eat clams and mussels, but I also love Indian food. So what better than to combine the two, but I havent been able to find very many Indian recipes using clams/mussels. THANKS in advance! This one is my personal fav: Indian Mussels Goa-Style A delicious shellfish recipe from Goa, using spices and […]

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Dec 29 2008

Indian Recipes: Pav Bhaji (

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How to make “Pav Bhaji”, one of the mouth watering dish of western India. The background song is from film Duplicate. Song name: Wah Ji WAH visit for more recipes Duration : 0:4:9

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Dec 28 2008

Greatest Ever Indian: Easy and Delicious Step-by-Step Recipes

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There are few cuisines in the world as diverse as that of the Indian subcontinent. The influences of geography, history, and religion have resulted in a huge range of dishes …

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Dec 22 2008

How to make Dahi Vada – Indian Recipe Video

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For the detailed recipe, click: Duration : 0:10:1

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Dec 20 2008

How to make Spinach Paratha – Indian recipes

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For the detailed recipe: Duration : 0:9:40

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Dec 19 2008

Hampstead Tea, Organic Fairtrade Biochai, 25 Sachets, 1.75 oz (50 g)

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Exotic Spiced Tea Fair Trade Organic Fairtrade Biochai Tea exotic spiced tea Our biodynamic Biochai tea is spiced with exotic organic spices from the East. It is based on a traditional Indian recipe where chai is drunk throughout the day as a creamy latte style drink. Biochai is a rich, fragrant, intense tea that awakens […]

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Dec 18 2008

London Has the Best Indian Food?

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WONG: Better quality meat, fish and vegetables could very well put London ahead of any Indian city when it comes to high end Indian food. World renowned London-based Michelin star Indian chef, Atul Kochhar said Indian needed to reform and reorganise its farming industry, so consumers and caterers had reliable access to fresh produce. STORY: […]

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Dec 16 2008

An Indian Housewife’s Recipe Book (Paperback)

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