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Jul 05 2014

From Minced Meat to McDonalds — The History of the Hamburger

The Fourth of July is upon us – and even though the day is almost over where I am, the barbecues, fireworks, beach trips, and summer fun is still abuzz because Independence Day is on a Friday this year and people are taking advantage of it by extending it to cover the entire weekend. Not that I mind. Celebrating a holiday or a birthday from Friday to Sunday is a lot more fun than celebrating it during the weekday – especially if you have obligations during the week (work, school, or family).

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Dec 20 2008

Heart Attack Grill on French Food Channel

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French Food Channel explores America’s Bad Boy of Hamburgers. Duration : 0:6:32

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Aug 19 2008

Crock Pot Super Easy Vegan Spaghetti For Bloggers and Others

 So, you’re a blogger. Or you work at home in some other way. Does that mean you have to eat the traditional nerd’s meal of caffeine and whatever munchy food is close by? Hardly. There’s nothing more reassuring on a busy day than knowing that a good dinner is cooking itself while you’re busy with […]

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Aug 11 2008

There’s a Place for Comfort Food

The original Original Tommy’s Sometimes the best foods are the best just because you grew up with them.  They may not be gourmet delights, they might not impress the people who bestow Michelin stars.  That doesn’t mean anything.  They’re important because they satisfy the soul as much as the stomach, and God bless them for […]

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