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Jan 12 2009

Gordon Ramsay kitchen nightmares USA uncensored ‘French pig

Gordon Ramsay kitchen nightmares french pig uncensored The best episode by far # you french pig # And for all you numb nuts that keeping leaving comment saying its not uncensored idiot…(or worse) this was aired in USA they bleeped every swear word so this is uncensored but if you want to spit hairs then […]

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Dec 13 2008

Gordon Ramsay on 60 minutes (UnCensored)

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Gordon Ramsay interview in 60 Minutes Australia, take a look into his life and his family. Gordon James Ramsay, OBE (born November 8, 1966 in Johnstone, Scotland) is a British celebrity chef, television personality and entrepreneur. He has been awarded a total of twelve Michelin stars, and is currently one of only three chefs in […]

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