May 14 2008

Write for us

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Attention budding writers and foodies alike!
Have you ever wanted to have your thoughts and opinions on food and restaurants published, well Munchbrothers are always keen to have a fresh view on the scene. Please send your resume and a sample post to

Once we have reviewed your application you may find yourself being published [for free] on the fastest growing food and restaurant review site (StatCounter and Google listings May 2008). This is a voluntary position but it will provide the author full credit and international exposure. (all posts remain the property of Munchbrothers)

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  1. Tom Kerron 13 Oct 2008 at 10:21 am

    I am visitinmg Melbourne for a month over Christmas and my cousin is loaning us his beach house in Anglesea – I want to give him a gifty token for dinner at a great hotel in Melnbourne but I lack local knowledge. My cousin and his wife are not great drinkers but love fine dining and really excellent food – can you give me any recommendations please.



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